Is it too late now to say WASSUP NEW APH


2015 went by in a flash but it was a pretty tumultuous year here on A Page of Heaven too. We’ve barely had time to post with all the schoolwork we had to juggle and much to my dismay, it also meant less time to read (glares at my Goodreads Challenge).

Jing is laughing sadly at her 2015 Goodreads Challenge.

Aside from our battle with time, we were also facing a rather confusing moment where we lost our purpose for book blogging. Everything was so rigid as we aimed to post as much as possible without giving much thought to what exactly was being posted.

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Just a Tiny Update


This is just a little note to say we’re not dead, drowning in the middle of the ocean or wandering lost in a desert. It’s currently our exam period so while we might not be drowning in seawater, we’re sort of drowning in revision. BUT we’ll be back after our last paper on Wednesday because *prepare to cheer* our semester break starts then!

In the mean time, hope you’re having a great weekend and if you miss us (I really hope you do because otherwise it’s like shouting into a void *cough* the Internet *cough*), we’re quite a bit more active on our social media handles currently so you can keep up with our bookish and sometimes non-bookish adventures by following us! Links are on the sidebar to the right and our Instagram accounts are @adeliscray & @bewildersome.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but I’m slowly turning my main account to a bookstagram one (because I realise I don’t have much interest in taking pictures of anything but books and the occasional landscape) so if you’re into pretty bookish pics, check me out.

That totally doesn’t sound weird. *awkward laughter*

Anyway, I really miss blogging so I can’t wait to get back to it after Wednesday! Until then, lovely booknerds!


We’re Not Dead nor Kidnapped by Aliens


Nearly two months ago, I wrote a post announcing the end of our hiatus. Then, we disappeared again for weeks. Well, incase anyone was worried (we are very touched if you were), we did not die nor get captured by aliens, as the post title has already informed you. Instead, we had been on a school Overseas Immersion Programme in Tianjin, China.

Although we did have our – not so – trusty VPN services while there, the sheer amount of work to do (mostly writing feature articles) and numerous places to explore took up all our blogging – and reading – time. I actually brought five books along with me but ended up not even finishing one. Disappointing, I know.

However, Tianjin was definitely amazing, albeit the bad air. The food was great and many people there were really friendly to our classmates and us – especially when tolerating our poor command of Mandarin. There’s no doubt we’ll be heading back there one day without the weight of completing two modules on our shoulders.

Five weeks of rooming with each other have also given JZ and me a lot of time to ponder about the future of A Page of Heaven. I can’t recall if I’d mentioned this before but over the past few months, we had barely blogged as book blogging had somehow turned into a chore instead of a hobby. Continue reading “We’re Not Dead nor Kidnapped by Aliens”