We’re Not Dead nor Kidnapped by Aliens


Nearly two months ago, I wrote a post announcing the end of our hiatus. Then, we disappeared again for weeks. Well, incase anyone was worried (we are very touched if you were), we did not die nor get captured by aliens, as the post title has already informed you. Instead, we had been on a school Overseas Immersion Programme in Tianjin, China.

Although we did have our – not so – trusty VPN services while there, the sheer amount of work to do (mostly writing feature articles) and numerous places to explore took up all our blogging – and reading – time. I actually brought five books along with me but ended up not even finishing one. Disappointing, I know.

However, Tianjin was definitely amazing, albeit the bad air. The food was great and many people there were really friendly to our classmates and us – especially when tolerating our poor command of Mandarin. There’s no doubt we’ll be heading back there one day without the weight of completing two modules on our shoulders.

Five weeks of rooming with each other have also given JZ and me a lot of time to ponder about the future of A Page of Heaven. I can’t recall if I’d mentioned this before but over the past few months, we had barely blogged as book blogging had somehow turned into a chore instead of a hobby.

This insanely long hiatus was definitely needed as it got us pondering on why we’re blogging. Among the many epiphanies we had, we realised:

  1. We don’t need to review every single book we need. Sometimes, you simply have nothing to say about a novel but, “It was okay.”
  2. We want to do a ton of discussion posts but are so lazy to. No way to combat this but just do it.
  3. We love to relate books to our other loves such as movies, music and anime.

That said, we’ve thought of various ways to incorporate our other interests into book blogging. And without further ado, I would love to announce for the first time some original features that will be on A Page of Heaven!


You know sometimes after reading an incredible book – in my case Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas – you just need to go on and on about it without bothering about spoilers. Therefore, In Your Wildest Dreams (we’re diehard Swifties, deal with it) is a feature where we’ll discuss what we think would happen next in a series and express more feelings than we’re allowed to in a review, AKA without spoiler filters.


Fictionland’s Next Top Character started out when it hit me some time back that in a review, I’m not given enough words to spotlight every one of my favourite characters. That is, if I don’t want to flood all you readers with some insane word vomit. Moreover, amazing characters come from stories of all sorts, be it books, movies, TV shows or anime. This feature will let us dedicate an entire post to various characters from works of fiction because we all know many of them deserve more than a few sentences in a review!


Currently, we’ve yet to decide how often these features would be posted but it’ll most likely be once every one to three weeks. We’re really thrilled to start our first ever features and if you are just as excited as we are, stay tuned and feel free to participate in them too!



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