Top Ten Bookish Confessions


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we feature top ten books or book related stuff according to each week’s topic.

I think this week’s topic is self-explanatory and get ready for the good, the bad, and the downright horrifyingly honest confessions I’ve got to spill. Okay, so I might be exaggerating but… oh well, enjoy!

Top 10 Bookish Confessions:

1. I sometimes fall asleep while reading.
Being prone to this, it honestly makes me feel bad because I feel like I’m not living up to the name of booknerds. Why? I feel like I’m disrespecting the book I’m reading (especially since I review nearly all the books I read) and not giving it a fair chance to capture my attention. But some days on the long train rides to and from school… my eyes just need to obey gravity and… fall… asleep…

2. I’m a library book hoarder.
Normal book hoarders hoard old books that they can’t bear to throw away. But me? I borrow a crazy number of library books even though I know I’ll probably just return them all because I can’t finish them before the due date (something I won’t ever go pass unless the situation is desperate, I don’t like paying fines). This makes me feel like an awful and selfish idiot because I’m denying others the chance to try out a bunch of amazing books but at the same time, I can’t stop.

3. Paperbacks are ‘inferior’ in my eyes.
Okay, I’m not trying to say paperbacks are bad, just that I’ll pick a hardcover edition any day. Hardcovers just seem more… regal? And they give off the whole “I can pass this on to my future generations and they’ll forever remember my book-loving legacy” kind of vibe. While paperbacks are so… ordinary.

4. I’m a hypocrite.
Fine, so everyone on earth are hypocrites at some point of time in life but what I mean here is that while I’m always insanely excited to meet others who read, if I find out we don’t have books in common (mainly YA books for me), I kind of go “booo” internally. Not that I would ever tell this to people’s faces—because that’s just rude. It’s not something I do on purpose. More of an automatic feeling of disappointment that borderlines annoyance. Not at the person, just at fate. So those who I know in real life and are reading this, I really mean no offence!

5. Babbling about books is my social comfort blanket.
What does this mean? Whenever I’m nervous or sense an oncoming awkward silence, I start babbling about books. Not just in a conversational way—no, it has to be crazy fangirl style. I don’t know why I do this. This probably happens because books seem to be the thing that defines me most as one of the first things people learn about me is I’m crazy about a few hundred pieces of printed paper stuck together. Since I know the topic so well… it means I won’t ever come off stupid, right? Though I do know this bores plenty of non-readers so… sorry?

6. I’m proud to be a booknerd.
I know plenty of booknerds are proud to be called that too but I’m raising this point because currently, being labelled a booknerd currently still comes with stigmas such as socially impaired, tasteless clothing, and bring too smart. How does this relate to being proud to be a booknerd? I guess it’s how hilariously surprised some people seem when I tell them I love reading straight after going off about nail polish, shoes, hot guys and makeup. I’ve gotta admit, breaking stereotypes is pretty fun.

7. I judge people by the books they read.
This is a bad habit I’m trying to kick. Because reading and loving the Twilight Saga/50 Shades of Gray trilogy/angel books with weak protagonists doesn’t make a person not nice. And nice people should be treated nicely. Now my brain just needs to get the memo.

8. I judge books by their cover. And I don’t plan to stop.
This is one form of judgement I love to dish out. Being a very visual person, the cover of a book matters a lot to me. Not that I won’t read ugly books, I’ll just be less inclined to. But then again, when a gorgeous novel contains puke-worthy, earthworm guts insides… I go through this irate phase where I feel horrifyingly cheated on by the cover… and occasionally need to tamper down the urge to burn those books.

9. I buy books… but don’t read them.
Well, I do end up reading them but it takes forever. Somehow, once I get my own copy of some books, the excitement I felt to read them dies. Weirdly, I become more inclined to read library books I’ve borrowed. Most likely because a) I’m terrified of bringing my own books out and damaging them, and b) the due date set by the library makes library books seem more… urgent.

10. I hate my slow reading speed.
Submerged in a world of crazy fast readers (most reviewers I’ve come across seem to have supersonic reading speed), I’m like a snail. My reading speed? Anywhere between 40-60 pages per hour. And I take an average of 5 days to finish a book. It might be faster than your average human being—or not, I’ve got no idea, actually—but I constantly feel I’m not reading as fast and as efficiently as a blogger/reviewer should be. Though I’m slowly growing to accept that I will never be able to speed-read and that it’s okay if I don’t.

graydividerThat’s it for me! What bookish confessions do you have to share?


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Confessions

  1. ChrissiReads

    I totally judge books by their covers. I just can’t help it! I also judge people by what they’re reading. Great confessions!


  2. thebookheap

    I’m exactly the same with hardcovers. I just find the quality of the covers is so much better and more likely to last!
    “. I judge people by the books they read.”
    Seriously, every time my friends say they love reading and then I see their bookcase, and it’s all those dark covers with ribbons and roses on saying “BARED TO YOU, BOUND TO YOU, MURDERED BY YOU” , I just kind of sigh and roll my eyes.


    1. I completely agree with all that! It’s not my fault I can’t take a story centralized around BDSM and insta-love seriously, especially with all the better books available. But well, gotta strive to be a better person and remember nice people still read bad books. If only we could inject that into our brains, haha!


      1. thebookheap

        haha Ikr. It’s like literary slut shaming. You automatically think it and then go “crap shouldn’t think like that”


    1. Thanks! I’m kind of ashamed at that bad habit but… library book hoarders of the world unite! Forever preventing books from reaching the clutches of other readers.


  3. Cait

    I think everyone’s confessed to judging books by their covers. ;) Haha! *waves* ME TOO. I’ve often skipped reading a book just because the cover was dorky. I never talk about books though, because I have this deep fear that people will think I’m weird for liking books so much. Most people I know irl don’t even know I read.
    My TTT!


    1. I still give ugly covers a chance if the blurb is good but well… a good cover + a good blurb would be better any day! As for talking about books, I understand your view on that because despite babbling on and on about them, I still feel a teensy bit self-conscious about how others would perceive my—lets be honest here—little obsession. But hey, maybe you could try sharing your love for reading to some people because you never know if there might be another shy booknerd hiding right under your nose! ;)


  4. #2 for sure. I love the library and the endless shelves of books. I can’t help but check out two to three books at a time. Nice blog, keep up the good work!



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