Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we feature top ten books or book related stuff according to each week’s topic.

I think this week’s topic is pretty interesting. There are tons of popular authors whose books I’ve never read (some of which many are shocked a booknerd such as me have never read) and most of the mentioned authors have had – or will have – their books made into movies. Fellow booknerds, please don’t murder me for not having read some of the really famous authors below, whose works I’m sure are amazing just that I’ve not found time to get to them yet… I probably would sometime in the future. The keyword being ‘sometime’.

Top 10 Popular Authors I’ve Never Read:

1. J.K. Rowlings
Yes, I’ve never read any of J.K. Rowling’s books. Harry Potter? I’ve yet to even touch the series. Not that I don’t want to read it, just that I no longer feel the urge to after watching the movies and knowing the ending. That really takes away a lot of the excitement. However, I’m definitely reading the HP series… in the future.

2. John Green
Honestly, I’ve been wanting to read The Fault in Our Stars for more than a year. I finally bought myself a copy at the end of last year and I’m definitely going to read it in April. Why the 4 months plus gap? Blame reading slumps and being rather preoccupied with other books… But well, my heart’s ready to be broken and my eyes are ready to bawl!

3. Stephanie Meyer
I have no intention of ever reading the Twilight Saga but after watching The Host & loving it, that’s a book I’ll be reading for sure. According to my reading schedule, I would be reading it around the end of May this year.

4. Richelle Mead
To read Vampire Academy or not to read? That is the question. I’m far from a vampire fan and a trusted friend of mine hated the movie adaptation but we all know movie versions can be deceiving. I guess time will tell?

5. Gayle Forman
If this topic had come out 2 weeks from now instead, Gayle Forman would not be on this list. I’ve heard wondering things about this author and can’t wait to read If I Stay!

6. Rick Riordan
I know of a few people who absolutely adore Rick Riordan (namely my brother) but like the HP series, I seem to have little interest in the Percy Jackson series. I really don’t know whether I’ll ever read the Percy Jackson books.

7. Pittacus Lore
Another favorite author of my brother’s. The film adaptation of I Am Number Four was far from spectacular and after hearing some not so glorious things about how the Lorien Legacies got published, I might just be boycotting it.

8. James Dashner
I should probably read The Maze Runner. Preferably before the film is released. Yes, I should. Maybe I will.

9. Alexandra Bracken
I do intend to read The Darkest Minds. Sometime this year. Scout’s honor! (I’ve never been in Scouts but I am serious about reading Alexandra Bracken’s book(s) in 2014)

10. Lauren Kate
Once upon a time, I’d been very curious about the Fallen series (HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE AMAZING DRESSES ON THE COVERS?!). However, after talks of bad romance, awful love triangles and much hate from trusted reviewers and friends, I learned it might be better to steer clear of it. The end.


I know this list consists only of authors who writes YA. However, if I had broadened the playing field, famous classics authors whose books I’d be even more unlikely to ever read would’ve dominated this list. Yeah, I’m not much of a classics reader.

Which famous authors have you not read?


26 thoughts on “Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

  1. ChrissiReads

    We don’t have any similar this week. I’d whole-heartedly recommend the Harry Potter series. Although you know what happens, the books explain it much more! I’ve never read James Dashner either. I’m thinking I probably should! :D


    1. I figured that the HP movies missed out on many details too so I do hope I can at least read it before I die! Maybe years later when I’ve forgotten more of the plot?


  2. Oh gosh, your list! I can’t believe you haven’t read these awesome authors yet! HP and Percy Jackson are both awesome, despite being MG because they seem to be for all ages, just more suited for MG. The movie of Vampire Academy is far from the books, but I swear the books are better! That’s one of my favorite series of all time, even though I read it like five years ago. Oh, and If I Stay is awesome as well. Happy reading! :)

    Top 10 Popular Authors I Haven’t Read Yet
    Reviews: Solving For Ex || White Hot Kiss Giveaway


    1. Although it might be some time before I read HP & Percy Jackson, I think I might read VA soon. If I Stay is a sure thing though, already have it on my shelf, so glad to hear amazing things about it!


  3. thebookheap

    Percy Jackson is brilliant, the movies totally derailed the series and didn’t do them justice, really recommend it! (both the pj series and the heroes of Olympus!)


    1. That’s what my brother has been telling me; he’s in love with all the myths Rick Riordan uses in his series. I’m wondering though, if the novels are told from first or third person POV? ‘Cause I don’t mix very well with books told from a first person male POV.


      1. thebookheap

        the original 5 books are told through percy’s point of view only. Heroes of Olympus then expands for the new popular style of “A chapter per character personality”, so one from percy, one from annabeth, one from frank etc. It’s a weird style which doesn’t work well with some books, but works well with HoO :)


    1. HP is a tears-inducing series?! Alright, you’ve just made my interest in the series spike by a gazillion! Maybe I’ll be reading it sooner then I thought now that you’ve brought tears into the picture… ;)


    1. I think you should read John Green soon if you’re a fan of being turned into an emotional wreck though. None of my friends so far have succeeded in not crying after TFiOS and since I love heart-breaking books, I really can’t wait to read it next month!

      As for Twilight & HP, I don’t plan to ever read the former but the latter, definitely sometime in the future! Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I didn’t care much for the Maze Runner but you may. John Green was on my list and probably will be for years to come! You absolutely MUST read Vampire Academy! I found those books when there was only one out and had to wait for them all! It was killer because they are so amazing! Fantastic List!

    Kristalyn @ The Sarcastic Palmtree
    My TTT


    1. For me, John Green will be off that list in about a month! As for VA, it does seem nice but I’m worried it would turn out to be similar to other vampy books & I’m not a vamp fan to begin with…


  5. bookhangovers

    Great List! I haven’t read any of these authors except for J.K. Rowlings books. Yes I’ve read the Harry Potter books but only up to the forth book. I really want to read Rich Riordan’s books and I actually have the Percy Jackson series in my bookcase, perhaps in the near future…..perhaps ;)
    Check out my list @ Book Hangovers Blabs Books


  6. I’ve read 6 authors on your list! (opinions below)

    Rowling: I really like the Harry Potter series and The Casual Vacancy – haven’t started the Cuckoo’s Calling yet.

    Green: I seriously adore TFiOS – you should definitely read it, but only at a time where you’re emotionally prepared!

    Meyer: I really enjoyed The Host, did you know that it’s going to be a trilogy? :)

    Mead: I have the same dilemma, but I will give it a try, I can always just stop reading, right?

    Forman: I really liked If I Stay, I haven’t read the sequel yet since I didn’t like the turn the story took :/

    Riordan: I liked the Olympians series! :)

    Lore: Same here!

    Dashner: I read a fourth or third of The Maze Runner, but I marked it as DNF.. Don’t know if I’ll give it a second chance

    Bracken: I do not intend to read The Darkest Minds, I read about a 100 pages and I didn’t really like it – but I hope you enjoy it :)

    Kate: Liked the first book in the series until the end.. Didn’t really enjoy the others

    AmandaEmma @ Little Miss Reader


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Makes it a lot easier deciding which of these authors to read first. As of now, Gayle Forman, John Green & Stephanie Meyer (The Host, not Twilight) are definitely in my foreseeable reading future. I do want to read Rowling’s books because they are so widely loved but I kind of lack the excitement to start them anytime soon. Maybe once I’ve read her books, I’ll think back & berate myself for not having read them sooner…



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