Armchair BEA Day 4 – The Adaptation Awards & Giveaway!

BEA Day 4

IT’S THE FOURTH AND FINAL DAY OF ARMCHAIR BEA! I’m so excited for today’s topic – book to movie adaptations! Recently, Adelena and I (along with one other friend) decided to do print to screen adaptations as our topic for our school’s radio assignment and we had quite some fun doing it! Though rushing for the deadline was probably our least favourite part. Definitely hate rushing under deadline pressure.

Anyway, let’s dive right into it!


Nothing beats bringing a story to life on screen – except when it turns out so bad you just cringe and want to dig a hole and crawl inside. But there are some which you just want to hug and shower it with all your love. And there are some which are so wonderful you leave the cinema (or your sofa) gaping, completely mind blown by its sheer awesomeness. This is The Adaptation Awards, where the best and most deserving book to movie adaptations are recognised for their greatness!

First up:

the adaptation(s)-that-Was/were-so-good-it-made-me-want-to-read-the-book(s) award

Harry Potter movie postersHarry Potter book covers

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling takes home the prize! I’m so fascinated by the world that was built by J.K. Rowling and the directors that made it a reality. And remember what I said about being a sucker for potions? Harry Potter is just POTIONS (AND SPELLS) GALORE. Oh and I’m pretty obsessed with the various kinds of wands – actually, I was so obsessed I went to Pottermore, played the game where you have to find stuff in each scene/chapter of the books and they’ll reveal a tidbit of information as a prize for completing the scene, and I played enough just to reach the one where they had a full length guide to all the wands and the type of woods and cores available/used. Yup, I was just very curious.

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Armchair BEA Day 1 – Nice to Meet You, Where You Been?

BEA day 1

This is the third year since we’ve heard about BEA and are – yet again – unable to attend. However, when we found out about Armchair BEA, a way to have similar experiences at the convention except that it’s online, we jumped on the opportunity. This is our first time participating in Armchair BEA (though Adelena has seen a few bloggers doing it last year) and we really look forward to connecting with all you booknerds over the next few days!


Why do you lovE reading and blogging?

JZ: I don’t know, man. Probably cause my mom read so much when she was pregnant with me, LOL. I think reading brings you to so many places and makes you feel things you never thought you could feel (I thought books were not supposed to make me feelsy but clearly I was reading crappy books when I was younger), and when you read something that you were never able to put into words, it’s just like YAAAAASSS. For blogging, it felt like math homework until I realised I didn’t need to be so formal and discuss world-shaking issues all the time – that was when I went ‘heck it’ and wrote whatever I wanted to. After all, it is a space for your thoughts.

Adelena: You know, it’s pretty sad to just live one life on earth. Books allow me to live a hundred different ones in so many characters’ shoes. What’s not to love? As for blogging, while I do have friends who like reading, I don’t think they would appreciate how much I truly want to fangirl (or sometimes rant) about the books I’ve read – though JZ suffers through them anyway (THANKS GIRL). So blogging is like an outlet for all my bookish feelings and opinions! Continue reading “Armchair BEA Day 1 – Nice to Meet You, Where You Been?”

That One Time I Dropped Beef on The Young Elites


Yeah, I was pretty upset about it.

So here’s a quick run-down on what happened: I had decided to bring my very own copy of The Young Elites out as I’d gotten to the point where I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading it. Fast forward a few hours later and I’m having lunch, trying out a rice bowl and sushi rolls from a new store that had opened in the school canteen. The food sounded interesting (tom yum beef bowl and caramelized onion and beef sushi roll) but tasted mediocre, nothing too life-changing. I finished my food and was about to leave with my friends when I noticed a crisis had broken out on the cover of TYE.

Beef. Not one, but two not-so-teensy blobs of beef on the cover (mind you, there was no book jacket on) of TYE. Naturally, I freaked out and swatted the beef off my cover but was too late because oil stains had already formed on the cover. I tried to wipe them off gently with wet wipes, but it just made things worse since liquid and book covers don’t get along well; fibers from the book cover began fraying and falling off like a person with severe hair loss issues (ok, it wasn’t that bad, but still). Continue reading “That One Time I Dropped Beef on The Young Elites”