Armchair BEA Day 1 – Nice to Meet You, Where You Been?

BEA day 1

This is the third year since we’ve heard about BEA and are – yet again – unable to attend. However, when we found out about Armchair BEA, a way to have similar experiences at the convention except that it’s online, we jumped on the opportunity. This is our first time participating in Armchair BEA (though Adelena has seen a few bloggers doing it last year) and we really look forward to connecting with all you booknerds over the next few days!


Why do you lovE reading and blogging?

JZ: I don’t know, man. Probably cause my mom read so much when she was pregnant with me, LOL. I think reading brings you to so many places and makes you feel things you never thought you could feel (I thought books were not supposed to make me feelsy but clearly I was reading crappy books when I was younger), and when you read something that you were never able to put into words, it’s just like YAAAAASSS. For blogging, it felt like math homework until I realised I didn’t need to be so formal and discuss world-shaking issues all the time – that was when I went ‘heck it’ and wrote whatever I wanted to. After all, it is a space for your thoughts.

Adelena: You know, it’s pretty sad to just live one life on earth. Books allow me to live a hundred different ones in so many characters’ shoes. What’s not to love? As for blogging, while I do have friends who like reading, I don’t think they would appreciate how much I truly want to fangirl (or sometimes rant) about the books I’ve read – though JZ suffers through them anyway (THANKS GIRL). So blogging is like an outlet for all my bookish feelings and opinions!

What is your theme song?

J: New Romantics by Taylor Swift (I can’t help it – I’m a Swiftie). It’s all dreamy/whimsical and I’m pretty sure Taylor was drunk when she wrote it (the lyrics went ‘please leave me stranded / it’s so romantic and nobody says that I mean what if the guy leaves you stranded in a place filled with serial killers? It would be apt to say that it’s gonna go down in flames) (geddit? I’m hilarious).

A: Blank Space by Taylor Swift. Let me make this clear: I do not have a long list of ex-lovers – Starbucks lovers? ;) – nor am I constantly looking to fill my “blank space”. Blank Space is my theme song because it’s evidence that Taylor Swift isn’t afraid to make jokes out of what others say about her, something I can completely relate with (though I’ll admit the psychotic elements and eloquently crazy lyrics did hold appeal).

What is one book everyone should read?

J: Champion by Marie Lu! It’ll carve out your heart and throw you into an ocean of your own tears, I tell you.

A: I can’t pick one; there’s just too many! I’m just going to pick five then, heh. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill,and The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.

ChampionThrone-of-glass-coverThe Burning SkyCinderAll Our YesterdaysClockwork Angel

What is your favorite genre and why?

J: Fantasy. Where else am I going to find creatures with ten heads and curses that require a crazy, magical adventure to break? And potions. I’m a sucker for potions.

A: FANTASY BABY. There’s just an infinite stash of possibilities in the genre and I’m a sucker for new, magical (and most of the time brutal) worlds. It’s not just the worlds awaiting to be discovered that pull me in, there’s also the people and cultures authors create. Fantasy novels are like wonderful, defining adventures you embark on simply by turning pages.

What is the top book in your TBR pile?

J: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Yes, I am a horrible human being for not reading it. (But I did watch the movies. Except the last one. I need help).

A: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas. My favourite series, character, and author all in one. I’ve already preordered it and am counting down the days ’til it arrives. Not crazy at all. :]

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what author would you want to bring with you? Why?

J: Leigh Bardugo. She can tell me stories (like the epilogue of Ruin and Rising which was so, so good) while we try to find our way out!

A: Probably Kresley Cole. I’ve read her Immortals After Dark series and Poison Princess and she seems to know a lot about survival (I mean, almost every book has something to do with it after all). Her great sense of humour is an added bonus!


The second topic for today is “Library Love”. But since Adelena’s done a post about the libraries here in Singapore some time ago, we won’t be repeating it. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of one of our local libraries (we have 26 public libraries in total on one tiny island, perfect for booknerds) and check back tomorrow and the next few days for more fun Armchair BEA fun!

This is the Bishan Public Library, one of the bigger public libraries here in Singapore with an ENTIRE floor dedicated to YA novels. Talk about heavenly!

21 thoughts on “Armchair BEA Day 1 – Nice to Meet You, Where You Been?

  1. Firstly I am so envious that you girls live in Singapore!

    Secondly, Singapore knows how to supersize, I’ve only ever been to your Airport and damn I can do a holiday in the Changi Airport, no need for a visa for me, I’ll just holiday in the Airport thanks LOL so I am so not surprised you gals are lucky to have 26 libraries, and I bet each one are amazing!!! I’d love to see more posts/pics of libraries in Singapore.

    Here’s my BEA Intro Post


    1. We were fascinated with the round shelves when we first went there, haha. There are some other libraries with shelves so tall you have to use a movable ladder to get to the books on top! (cue Adelena and I climbing and sliding around while attempting to discreetly take pictures cause we’ve never seen bookshelves like that before)


  2. Ooh round book shelves, that is amazing! You can just keep circling while finding the perfect book! Also, T-Swizzle is amazing at times because sometimes you just want to shake it off… get it? xD Ok, all puns aside, I’m a major fantasy lover as well, it’s simply the best genre to really take you to a completely different world and time and forget about everything else! I’m loving all the ABEA fun :D Thanks for sharing!
    My Intro and Library post
    Juli @ Universe in Words


    1. Round shelves do make me feel like I’m hunting and swooping down on unsuspecting books (the line ‘see the vultures circling dark clouds’ from I Know Places just popped into my head –you can never escape Taylor). And yesss Tay totally gets our flow!


  3. Hi Ladies. It’s a pleasure to meet you at ArmchairBEA. This is my second year participating. I’m a historical fiction author with a blog. My Children of the Shawnee series has aspects of fantasy in it. I absolutely LOVE fantasy. One of the series I want to read is Game of Thrones but I’m stuck in the Outlander series for now.


  4. Happy ABEA week! I haven’t read Harry Potter. The thing that could potentially make me a worse human being than you? I actually made five separate attempts to read it and just couldn’t like it.
    I am trying to add a few books from the intro posts that are chosen as must reads and you two have a couple that I haven’t read. Thanks for the recommendations.


  5. I have heard of a lot of different opinions (good & bad ones) on Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy and I still remain seriously iffy about starting it… Oooo dang! Fantasy is something that I’ve been trying to get to but it’s the fear of not being able to finish such daunting novels that really stopping me. Any advice?

    I hope you guys have a lovely ABEA week!!!


    1. Sometimes you just gotta try it out to see if it works out for you! You could try getting a friend to read along with you, it does help when you have someone to discuss the book with while you’re still getting through it :) we hope you’ll have a great time too!



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