We Forgot Our 2nd Blogoversary + The Official End of Our Hiatus

Blogoversary 2.0

Amid exams, final projects, and Lunar New Year (well-wishes to all who celebrate it!), A Page of Heaven’s 2nd blogoversary just sort of… slipped. It was a few days back, on the 17th of February and obviously, I had nothing planned. However, I would like to say the past year has been pretty enlightening blogging-wise. I’ve definitely accomplished numerous blogging goals but also discovered some of those said goals weren’t so important after all. All in all, I’m just really happy with where A Page of Heaven is now and can’t wait to go on more bookish—and even some non-bookish—adventures in this upcoming year!

Hiatus? What Hiatus?

Yes, after months, our crazy hiatus has officially come to an end and I’m thrilled to give you all a peak into everything that’s coming up! Firstly, as I’ve mentioned some time ago, I’ve become somewhat of an anime fan. Somehow that led to me realising there are so many characters—from both books and animes—that I would love to write specific posts about. I think we all know plenty of characters who deserve more than just some fleeting compliments in a review. So expect some hardcore character spotlighting soon!

Next, we’ve also decided to post more non-bookish posts because we felt this blog needed a little more variety and freshness. We’ve actually got quite a few ideas forming currently but are slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. On the bright side, we’ve got plenty of time on our side now that we’re done with our first year in polytechnic. So stay tuned!



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