My Unplanned, Unintentional Hiatus

Hello there, dearest viewers! If you had been so sweet as to notice my scarcity on A Page of Heaven since the start of this month, I’m back here now with an explanation. Around the time my posts had been reduced to generic Waiting on Wednesday features, my younger brother had got me hooked on to Japanese anime again. Roughly 6 years ago, I used to be obsessed with anime. Or more accurately one anime franchise—Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

I had been one of those hardcore fans (it was my very first fandom, after all) who bought numerous character figurines, Gundam models (those you had to piece together by yourself), and surfed the net fanatically for anything relating to my—very first—OTP. If you’re wondering, it was Athrun and Cagalli (AKA Asucaga) and they are still one of my 3 OTPs currently.

Before I get distracted and start fangirling about the masterpiece that is—still—my favorite anime ever, lets get back to the explaining. My brother recommended me to watch Sword Art Online and despite not liking it all that much, one thing led to another and…

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In the past half month, I’ve finished/rewatched/started watching the above 11 animes. Yes, I have an unhealthy addiction to mecha. Anyway, I’m the sort of person who loves stories. It doesn’t matter what form they come in—books, movies, TV shows, music—as long as the plot and characters are able to capture me, I’m in. However, I will admit watching movies and anime take significantly less brain energy than reading and as fate would decree, my brain had been feeling extremely lazy when I started watching animes again.

Which led to me trading up books for animes in the past 2 plus weeks. It wasn’t only anime that stole my attention from books, though. About 2 months ago, my headphone wires had broke, leaving me without a way to truly enjoy music (we all know listening to music out loud and via earphones/headphones are completely different experiences). And once again at the start of this month, I was blessed with new earphones and the time I usually spent reading while taking public transport went to compulsively listening to music.

Didn’t help that I recently downloaded the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny soundtracks either (they have amazing music). Nor did the fact that Taylor Swift recently released 2 singles and Lorde the first Mockingjay Part 1 single—Yellow Flicker Beat.

Shake It Off 1500 Out of the Woods - Single Lorde-Yellow-Flicker-Beat-2014-1500x1500

The very last reason of my absence is that I’ve found 2 part time jobs at the start of this month. It is a pretty weird time to start working seeing as how my semester break is already coming to an end but well, I never really intended to find a job during this break and the jobs sort of found me. At the start of my holidays, I decided to dedicate it to serving God and helping people—despite that meaning I barely have enough money to get by with (no monthly allowance during the holidays!).

I’ve been helping out in outreach to a poor area near my church over the past 2 months. It’s been pretty amazing and I’ve seen and learned so much! Miraculously, regarding my lack of money, I somehow always received enough in the weirdest ways (my stepmom deciding to randomly give me $20) and have been finding some crazy deals, sales, and promotions. It all ended with me landing 2 simple but pretty well paying part-time jobs just when I decided to work over this new semester at school (since I heard it would be more lax than the previous one).

This has definitely been a pretty crazy break and if you’re wondering, yes I’ll be back to blogging very soon! Having just got my hands on a copy of The Young Elites by Marie Lu on Friday, it has pulled me back into reading by calling me name. Literally. The protagonist, Adelina Amouteru, and I do sort of share a name, after all! I’ve also got quite a few books for review lined up and hopefully, some new discussion ideas, too. I’ve really missed the book blogosphere this past half month and can’t wait to dive right in again!

Until next time,

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