Where Were We for the Past 2 Weeks? + A Biggish Announcement

Greetings, lovely readers of A Page of Heaven. You may (or may not, ouch) have noticed the scarcity of posts for the past 2-3 weeks. Well, I’m here to sincerely apologize on both my and JZ’s behalf about half disappearing. In case you’re wondering why we poofed, it had been the last 2 weeks of our very first semester in polytechnic and we had been flooded with final assignment deadlines and preparation for final presentations.

(Fun fact: We are both studying for a Diploma in Mass Communication at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Which is in this tiny Southeast Asian country called Singapore.)

Wow. I just realized we’ve barely introduced ourselves to all you readers despite having been blogging for over a year. Which leads me to the biggish announcement. The end of our first semester also marks the start of a 2-month long holiday! *throws imagination confetti and dances around the room*

That means a lot more reading, blogging, and reviewing time! Plus, we do feel we’ve been rather impersonal bloggers so far and thought it might be time to get to know our readers better and let y’all know us better too. So do expect new (and long overdue) discussion posts and more Life of a Blogger posts in the upcoming month!

In the mean time, here’s our first attempt at being more personal bloggers: a picture of how we felt about the last 2 insane weeks and another of our lovely class (which would heartbreakingly no longer be our class next semester).

Lastly, we have a surprise in store for all of you. A new something—or someone—so stay tuned as we reveal more deets soon! (Clue: the picture of our class sort of hints at this particular surprise.)



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