Stacking the Shelves (#2)


Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where all the books we got recently would be featured – no matter physical or digital; bought, borrowed, won or gifted.

Hi guys! This week has been pretty mundane for me but I do have some interesting reads to show, though not as much as the crazy bunch I borrowed last week. I also got the only book I bought for an amazing deal – $5, secondhand but in near perfect condition!





There’s been so much hype about The Book Thief so I really can’t wait to read it! As for those I borrowed from the library, I’ve mentioned I’ve got a TON of library books and seriously hope I can get through them all before their due dates. Yes, I usually bite more than I can swallow when it comes to books but I think it might be the same for quite a few of you out there too. ;)

What books have you been stacking you shelves with this week?



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