Cassandra Clare shares ‘The Dark Artifices’ in the Summer artwork

Following the last two season inspired Shadowhunter art, here’s another from Cassandra Jean with the characters from The Dark Artifices representing summer!

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Today Cassandra Clare shared Cassandra Jean’s last seasonal artwork for her Shadowhunter Chronicles. After posting artwork for The Mortal Instruments (fall), The Infernal Devices (winter) and the mysterious ‘TLH’ series (spring), have a look at The Dark Artifices and its characters in the summer.

Here is what Cassie said about the artwork:

Taking  a break briefly from the tarot card project, I asked Cassandra Jean to draw the four seasons as the four Shadowhunter series I have either written or planned right now — The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, the Dark Artifices, and The Mysterious TLH. 

Here The Dark Artifices takes the season of summer at, where else, Zuma Beach in LA. From left: Cristina, Jaime, Julian, Emma, Drusilla, Tavvy, Livvy, Tiberius, and Mark. All Blackthorns but three.

The Mortal Instruments being Fall here. 

The Infernal Devices being Winter here.

TLH being Spring here.

*claps hands*…

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