TV Series Review: Hannibal, S01E01

This is a review by my classmate, Farhanah, whose film and TV series reviews will be occasionally featured here.

Hannibal, S01E01


4 out of 5 stars

Hannibal is one of the brand new series contributing to the ever-growing list of crime-solving television series. It seems in the recent years there has been a significant increase of interest in crime television series, such as White Collar, Nikita, Body of Proof, just to name a few. However, Hannibal stands out from the crowd as it is much darker which it makes absolutely fascinating to watch.

The series follows an unstable FBI special investigator, Will Graham, and a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who takes special interest in him.  At first, Dr. Hannibal appears as a professional, proper character but as the first episode unfolds, viewers are able to detect Dr. Hannibal’s sinister side. Will Graham, on the other hand, is an entire matter altogether.  Initially, he comes across as detached and alienated which is completely normal for him as he is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Will Graham has been gifted, or cursed, with the ability to empathize with serial killers and is able to recreate crime scenes. This ability helps him solve crimes in a way that no one else can and aids him to be an amazing investigator as he can see into the killer’s mind.

Despite his darker side, I find Will Graham as a heartwarming and appealing character. He seems to be in a perpetual state of fear and so very alone which makes me sympathize for him. One of the beautiful scenes in the episode is where Will Graham found a stray dog wandering and takes him home. He cares for the dog at his house. Furthermore, despite his sinister imagination, the audience can see humour leaking out of him. Graham is a very complex and intriguing character and even though at times he seems on edge and dangerous, he still has a gentler, calm side and his struggle between good and bad pulls at my heartstrings.

The episode itself was beautifully crafted. It starts off with a flashback with visually stunning graphics that automatically grabs my attention and captures me in the show. The flashback shows how Will Graham enters the mind of the killer and it was enthralling to watch. Caution for future viewers though. The series contains some gore but it does not aim to scare but leans to wow the viewers with its artistic beauty.

Overall, I find the episode riveting and I was absolutely glued to my seat. Hannibal has a compelling plot, appealing characters and it is a joy to watch, especially when the director has injected some humour and extremely dramatic moments. (As of yet, I have no complains about the acting.)


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