Breaks and Features

Hey guys!

I’ve got some unfortunate and fortunate news. Starting with the unfortunate, Dee is going on hiatus, meaning she won’t be posting any reviews for some time as she needs to focus on her studies. Our ‘O’ Level Examinations are approaching (the Chinese Language paper next month and the rest in November) and I guess we need to set our priorities straight. At least Dee and JZ did. JZ will still be posting reviews, but not as regularly.

So the good news is, I’ll still be posting (at least) weekly reviews and features (if I’ve got time) since I’m extremely dumb and isn’t taking my studies seriously, yet. A lack of motivation, maybe(or more like I’m just lazy and prefer fictional worlds to the real one)? Anyway, my classmate, Farhanah has also volunteered to post some movie & TV series reviews once in a while, starting with Hannibal. Hopefully, this would appeal to a wider audience too!

That’s it for now, I’m dying to get back to the book I’m currently reading (Prodigy by Marie Lu) because its so good I’m feeling delirious. Have a nice week, y’all!



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