Splintered Swag Pack

Hey guys!

This post is very extremely late, but I’d still like to share my joy on what happened three weeks ago.

As I’m a huge fan of Splintered  by A.G. Howard, I was super excited when I heard of the “Get UNHINGED” giveaway she was hosting, and of course, I went to join it. 

Then, one night while I was checking my e-mail…

I received an e-mail from Ms. Howard, stating that I had won the giveaway.

I didn’t scream or hop about excitedly. Instead, I started hyperventilating and proceeded to call Adel and say ‘oh my gosh’ over and over for four minutes. But after the news sunk in… I was running all around the house, bouncing and screaming in joy like a deliriously demented rabbit. I couldn’t help it. The prize I had won was, just like the title of this post states, the Splintered Swag Pack!

A little more than a week later, I went to check my mailbox. The moment I opened the mailbox, my eyes landed on The Letter (which contains the Swag Pack), and I started screaming. Yup, I looked pretty crazy screaming at my mailbox. I even earned stares from three ladies who were walking past, but I didn’t really care about that.

Okay, enough about what happened, here’s a collage of the awesome stuff I got!


I absolutely LOVE it! Especially the book mark, and the cute lil’ Alice in Wonderland print. Here are the close-ups:



I’m definitely enjoying the swag! :D

Yours truly



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