Delirium Trilogy Withdrawal Tips and Some Music for Delirium

Delirum trilogy

Have you finished the Delirium trilogy and are feeling like poop right now? Drifting off during the day thinking about the story, reflecting on Lena’s journey, swooning over Alex/Julian or crying buckets because you probably aren’t going to hear any more about these endearing characters. Well, if all these describes you, you’re probably going through Delirium trilogy withdrawal. I guess it can apply to other trilogies/series that have finished and is not limited to just books, but here are some tips to get you through this delirious phase in life.

  1. Start on a new book! It’s the best way to prevent your mind from dwelling on your sadness.
  2. If no. 1 fails, then don’t read a book at all if you can’t get into it. Try movies instead. They are usually easier to focus on than books and take less time. Moreover, since most movies are standalone, you won’t be pining for more like you are doing for the Delirium trilogy.
  3. Get out there and have some fun! Be it shopping, exercising or just simply hanging out with friends, as long as you’re out of the house, it should work as a distraction.
  4. Write a review. That’s what I did and it helped a lot. Reflect on the trilogy and just pour out your feelings. Maybe it doesn’t need to be a review, it could be a letter that you’ll never show anyone instead. So long as you have an outlet for your roiling emotions, it’ll be good.
  5. Talk. To your friends, family, other bloggers or anyone who’s interested in books. If you’re too shy to tell others, babble to yourself. Of course not out loud if you’re uncomfortable, maybe through ways like those mentioned in no. 4.

So yes. That’s about it. I’m not really out of withdrawal yet but these are the ways that have helped me with it so far. I hope this is useful and though we need to get over the trilogy some day, no one says you can’t keep a little special space in your heart for it.

Before I end, I just need to share a great discovery I made while listening to music on the way to school a few days back. The song Crazier by Taylor Swift (it was used in Hannah Montana: The Movie) came on while I was reflecting on Requiem (which I’ve just finished). I started singing along in my mind and then, it hit me. Crazier is the absolute perfect song to describe Lena and Alex’s relationship in Delirium! The lyrics are completely sweet and filled with well, love. If you haven’t heard the song, I’ve provided a link to the official video.

Here are the lyrics:

I’d never gone with the wind
Just let it flow
Let it take me where it wants to go to
You open the door
There’s so much more
I’ve never seen it before
I was trying to fly
But I couldn’t find wings
But you came along and you changed everything

You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I’m falling and I
I’m lost in your eyes
You make me crazier, crazier, crazier

I watched from a distance as you made life your own
Every sky was your own kind of blue
And I wanted to know how that would feel
And you made it so real
You showed me something that I couldn’t see
You opened my eyes
And you made me believe

You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I’m falling and I 
I’m lost in your eyes
You make me crazier, crazier, crazier

Baby you showed me what living is for
I don’t wanna hide anymore
Oh oh

You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I’m fallin’ and I am lost in your eyes
You make me crazier, crazier, crazier, crazier, crazier

Thoughts? Opinions? I personally am a huge Taylor fan and love all her songs, especially her lyrics. I was also secretly replacing the parts where she sang ‘crazier, crazier’ with ‘delirious, delirious’. Wish this post has helped and enlightened you!





P.S. Did you know there’s an official song for Delirium? Check it out here!

5 thoughts on “Delirium Trilogy Withdrawal Tips and Some Music for Delirium

  1. j

    I haven’t been able to get a copy of requiem yet although I really want to. I thought Taylor swift’s sparks fly fit Alex and Lena in the 1st book at least. Also that carriers Underwood’s get out of this town fit It towards the end from their first trip to the wilds right up until right before Alex gets caught



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