In My Mailbox – Adel (1)


In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by The Story Siren featuring books that you have received, though not necessarily in your mailbox.

This is my first In My Mailbox post so excuse me if I sound overly excited.

Anyway, while writing my review on Clockwork Angel a few hours ago, the doorbell rang. No one at home was expecting a guest so we were all puzzled. Then, I remembered. REQUIEM. I pre-ordered it from The Book Depository. I basically started started squealing and hopping around the living room like a deranged rabbit. Fast forward to when I finally held the package in my hands, I was still squealing and hopping around like a deranged rabbit, except with the package in my hands.

I was too excited to properly open the package so my brother opened it instead and… TADA!


My copy of Requiem by Lauren Oliver


I continued squealing and hopping for about 5 minutes with the book in my hands. I know, you guys probably think I’m crazy right now but it doesn’t matter. Because this is Requiem we’re speaking of. Okay, enough of my ramblings. I shall try to pull a one-day-er by finishing Requiem in a day! No guarantees though, since I’ve got some compulsory holiday classes in school tomorrow. Oh well, I’m still overjoyed.



4 thoughts on “In My Mailbox – Adel (1)

  1. Alicia

    AHHHHHHH!!! I can totally relate to how excited you are because darling, it’s Requiem and that warrants all ranges of crazy FANGIRLING <3 Enjoy reading and whoop!! Looking forward to the review :)

    Alicia @ Book a World


    1. Yes! I get the tingles every time I think of the Delirium trilogy, it’s just too hauntingly good. And I’m also excited about Shades of Earth and Clockwork Prince (I’ve just finished Clockwork Angel) both of which are the next few on my TBR list. They make me want to ditch all my other books & disregard my reading schedule!



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