Delirium Casting News: Alex Sheathes

There’s four more days until the release of Requiem and guess what I came upon? Well, just read the title. Daren Kagasoff has been cast as Alex! Here’s a picture:


Just a little info on Daren, he acted in The Secret Life of the American Teenager and is 25 this year.

What do I think? I guess he’s not bad… Though not exactly how I pictured Alex, I can come around to seeing it. So now we have it, the love angle (it’s not a triangle because Julian & Alex are not attracted to each other) of the Delirium trilogy! Emma Roberts as Lena Haloway, Daren Kagasoff as Alex Sheathes and Gregg Sulkin as Julian Fineman.

Thoughts? Opinions? Approve? Disapprove? I’ll leave the commenting to you guys but I do know I simply cannot wait for the pilot of Delirium coming this fall on Fox!



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