Delirium Casting News: Gregg Sulkin as Julian Fineman

Yes, you’ve seen the title right. Julian Fineman is cast. Here’s a picture of Gregg Sulkin in case you need it.

What do you think of this? Yes? No? Anyway, a little info about him… He acted in Wizards of Waverly Place and also Pretty Little Liars. I can’t really commented on his acting skills as I’ve never really seen him act but his appearance seem pretty fitting for Julian. Just maybe he could be slightly blonder.

Since I’m on Team Alex, I don’t have much strong opinions about the casting of Julian. But when the time comes for Alex’s casting, it might be a little apocalypse of verbal vomit. The cast so far includes Emma Roberts as Lena Haloway, Gregg Sulkin as Julian Fineman, Billy Campbell as Thomas Fineman and Corey Reynolds as Lawrence Task (referred to as Tack in the Delirium trilogy).

I shall share more Delirium casting news soon!



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